Control Panels

We stock numerous custom panels for all types of configurations that are not listed below. If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-622-6993 for availability and pricing. If the panel is not in stock, we can have it built with a 1 to 2 week lead time (usually 3 to 4 days) excluding shipping time.

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  • 120 Lift Station Control Panel

    1-Pump 1-High Water Alarm
    Not rated yet
    • $189.00
  • Control Panel

    SJE RHOMBUS 1-Pump 1-Compressor 1-High Water Alarm No Timer Air Loss Disinfection Alarm
    Not rated yet
    • $350.00
  • 2 Light Dosing Control Panel

    SPI 1-Aerator 1-Pump with Omron Timer 1-Air Loss 1-High Water Alarm 2-Light
    Not rated yet
    • $455.00
  • Dual Simplex Control Panel
    • 4% less

    Dual Simplex Control Panel

    SPI 1-Dosing Pump with Omron Timer 1-Pump with Grasslin Timer 1-Compressor 1-Pump Overide 1-Air Loss 1-High Water Alarm
    Not rated yet
    • $625.00
  • 220 Grinder Control Panel

    SPI 1-220 Pump High Water Alarm
    Not rated yet
    • $270.00
  • Dosing Pump Control Panel

    SPI 1 Dosing Pump with Omron Timer & High Water Alarm
    Not rated yet
    • $460.00
  • 1 Light Timer Control Panel

    SJE RHOMBUS 1-Compressor 1-Pump 1-Air Loss 1-Overide 1-High Water Alarm With Grasslin Timer
    Not rated yet
    • $259.00